Alain Bougearel



Born August 9 1951 Strasbourg France, he now lives in the  city of Avignon (France).   

Maître ès-Lettres  (ancien régime), member  of  Société des Gens de Lettres de France (SGDL), his main publications are about  a possible Neo- Pythagorean structure of the 78 cards of the classic tarot.




His first essay on this specific topic was:

Origines et histoire du Tarot, Envolée Editions, Toulouse (1977), ISBN 2-912305-004


Manuel de cartomancie, Éditions Envolée, Toulouse, 1997, ISBN 2912305012


Il Castello dei Tarocchi (The Castle of the Tarot), Edited by Andrea Vitali, Lo Scarabeo, Torino, 2010, ISBN-10: 8865270039 / ISBN-13: 978-8865270035


Online Essays


Le Tarot “dit de Charles VI”
Le point sur la recherche historique


Article Cartomancie on Wikipedia

Comment: La plus grande partie de cet article est inspiré mon livre Manuel de Cartomancie


Article about the pseudo Charles VI 

Translation in Portuguese by  Constantino K. Riemma


Article about some Florentine iconography on the Tarot dit de Charles VI

Discussion on:


About the datation of the TdM Chosson


About "viewing in future" .... mancie

Fabre d'Olivet et Pythagoras


Article on Tarot History Forum

1582 Gosselin Jean: "La signification de l 'ancien jeu des chartes pythagoriques...". La plus ancienne référence française connue d' une analyse pythagoricienne du Jeu de cartes ordinaires ? (The French oldest reference  known today of a Pythagorean analysis of the ordianary deck ?).


His last work where he gave an exhaustive explanation about the theory of a possible Neo-Pythagorean structure in the 78 cards in the classic tarot:


Le Tarot arithmologique


Michael S Howard has translated this essay on:




Tarot 3 stars  iconography: Moon, Star and Sun by Andrea Vitali, translated by Alain Bougearel 


Moon (Jenuary 2005)

Star (March 2005)

Sun (April 2005)




 Multimedia publications 

• L’Art du Tarot, CR Rom, Alsyd Multimedia Editions (2002),  ISBN 2-84489-106
• Tarots de Marseille, DVD Rom PC, Mindscape Editions (2004), TMA3854AF-TMA8AF-SLC1, 5 3901020457747


• The Marsigliese Tarot restoring with Philippe Camoin


• Tarot et Cartomancie, in “L’Ame et le Cœur”, magazine, N° 29 (December- Genuary 1999), ISSN 1274 2139
• Tarologie et taromancie: la divination par les cartes, (March-April-May 2000), Quarterly
• Initiation au symbolisme divinatoire des cartes,  in  “Le Journal de Demain”, magazine, n° 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12 (2000-2001). Publications CATSMedia, CPPAM n° 0102K79303
• The Arithmological Structure of Tarot, in “The Tarot Lovers Magazine” (1997-2003)
La tarologie en question, in “Le Journal Toulousain”, Special file: Voyance - le dessous des cartes, n° 130 + 131  (September  2004)
• Tarot et Néo-Catharisme, editorialist for “Club. Cathares. Org”, ISDO numerical editor, SIRET 428 671 804 00030  (April 2004). Le Cercle Philosophique.
• Tarot et néo-pythagorisme, in “Le Journal de Demain”, L’Officiel de la Voyance Magasine, (July 2004)

Article in collaboration

• The oldest French Reference: 1337. Abbaye of St Victor of Marseilles, Documents for old  playing-cards. Playing-cards and Tarot Museum, Alain Bougearel e Ross Caldwell  (2003 - Published in  April 2004)

Translation in collaboration

• Oldest Tarot French Rules of Tarot as a game 1637 [1585?], John Mc Leod and Alain Bougearel,  (March-December 2004)


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