Enrique Eskenazi

Enrique Eskenazi - socio

Lecturer since 1971. University graduate in Philosophy with Honours to  the best student in 1971 by Universidad Nacional de Cordoba  (Argentina). Professor of Logic, Philosophy of Science and History  of Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto (Argentina),  lecturer of Philosophy, Logic and Sociology at the Institut Superior de Ciencias (Rio Cuarto, Argentina). Since 1976 his interests changed  to depth psychology and symbolism (Astrology, Cabbala, Tarot).

Founder of the Centre Enrique Eskenazi in Barcelona, devoted to the  divulgation and teaching of such subjects. Author of Tarot, published in 1978 by Dopesa eds. and later by Obelisco eds. and also of the Preface of the Spanish version of  Sallie Nichols’ Jung and Tarot. An Archetypal Journey (Ed. Kairos).

He gave courses and lectures at the University of Barcelona as well as  different Centres (Tao, Nouta, Aquarius, Ambit) and libraries. The  topics range from Tarot Symbolism and Astrology to Archetypal  Psychology, Alchemy, the Role of imagination in Philosophy, the  notion of Soul in Ancient Philosophy, Magic in Renaissance and  Analytical Psychology.