Jean-Michel David


Jean-Michel David is one of the founders of the "Association for Tarot Studies", the creator (with the rather heavy assistance of Robert) of "Tarotpedia", and editor/publisher for a small number of books for the ATS.

His own book is now also completed (Reading the Marseille Tarot). He is also editor for the annual transactions of the "Victorian Lodge of Research" (an annual Journal of approx. 170 pages). His academic background is in Philosophy (which he has also taught at University), and is currently teaching in a High School and in a Steiner Adult Education institution.

So basically, his four areas of especial interest are: Philosophy; Anthroposophy (Steiner-related materials); FreeMasonry; and, of course, Tarot. Hence his, a place on which he includes a little of each of these four areas.


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