5/21/2017 Diavoli tarocchi e altre storie

Tarot on pages of literature from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century

5/16/2017 Porca fortuna: la Fortuna da Dante a Cellini

In addition to a rhyme on the Wheel of Fortune in the seventeenth-century Milanese dialect

5/5/2017 Come il 'Matto de' Tarocchi' del Carducci

Like the 'Fool in the Tarot' of Carducci.

5/4/2017 Tarocchi in mostra a Milano nel 1872

Tarots exposed in Milan in 1872. The Visconti di Modrone and Brambilla Tarot together a sonnett on the Magician

5/2/2017 Fuori i Tarocchini dai Monasteri !

Tarots must stand outside the monasteries! When the nuns were playing cards all their possessions

4/2/2017 Dialogi Piacevoli - 1539

Nicolò Franco, Aretino enemy and friend of himself

2/2/2017 Triompho of the nobles women of Cesena

Together with a love poem with tarot. From Vatican Apostolic Library

9/19/2016 The arithmological tarot

The arithmological sequence of the pentagonal number 22 = 1 + 4 + 7 + 10