10/14/2017 La Tarocchiera

A 'delight' where to play tarot

10/14/2017 On a blind priest who was playing tarot

And famous doctors who loved that game

9/21/2017 Nihil in hoc mundo mutat - 1589

Nobles go crazy in triumph as in the tarot game

9/19/2017 Against the tarot

Invectives and abandonments

9/11/2017 Commedia Nuova - 1545

Cupid, traitor, hanging for a foot

8/30/2017 Crimes and Tarots - XVI century

Tarocchini in the Criminal Archive of Bologna

8/25/2017 Tarot means Fool

Literary documents from our essays

8/23/2017 Grotesque Tarot - 1587

Tarot in the "De' Grotteschi" by Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo

8/14/2017 On Tuscany Eloquence

Those who play tarot do not deserve laurels

8/11/2017 De viribus quantitatis

Triumphs in a Mathematical guess by Luca Pacioli

8/3/2017 Taroccare in the eighteenth century opera booklets

Playful dramas, intermezzi, comedies, dramatic actions and farces

8/3/2017 Taroccare in the nineteenth century opera booklets

Playful, heroic-comic, semi-serious and funny dramas, melodramas, comedies and farces

6/21/2017 Tarots witnesses of a conspiracy

In defense of Pallavicini Visconti, Bishop of Alexandria

6/20/2017 Tarots in exhibition at Milan in 1872

The Visconti di Modrone and Brambilla tarocchi, as well as a sonnet on the Bagatto

5/29/2017 A sonnet in Modena's dialect of the XVI century

In ancient times the good boys did not play tarot

5/21/2017 Devils like tarots and other stories

Tarot on pages of literature from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century

5/16/2017 Slut Fortune: Fortune from Dante to Cellini

In addition to a rhyme on the Wheel of Fortune in the seventeenth-century Milanese dialect

5/5/2017 Like the 'Fool in the Tarot' of Carducci

or Italy that does not wake up

5/2/2017 Tarots must stand outside the monasteries !

Tarots must stand outside the monasteries! When the nuns were playing cards all their possessions

4/2/2017 Pleasant Dialogues - 1539

Nicolò Franco, Aretino enemy and friend of himself

2/2/2017 Triompho of the nobles women of Cesena

Together with a love poem with tarot. From Vatican Apostolic Library

9/19/2016 The arithmological tarot

The arithmological sequence of the pentagonal number 22 = 1 + 4 + 7 + 10