5/21/2022 The symbolism of the stick in the Fool's card

The stick of the madman, a stick against the madman

1/11/2022 The Fool on the shrimp - XVIth century

The shrimp in the symbolism of the Fool and elsewhere

1/4/2022 "The Synagogue of the Ignorants" - 1589

Ignorance and foolishness of the Fool of the tarot in a work by Tomaso Garzoni

1/4/2022 The Triumphs in a Dialogue by P. Garnier - 1610

From "Quatro Dialogi dl Garnero". Italian edition 1627

12/3/2021 A joke about Minchiate - 17th century

Minchiate in literary texts of the seventeenth century

10/23/2021 The 'Military Game of Virtue' - 1571

A card game by Captain Alfonso Valdera da Capodistria (Part One)

10/6/2021 The ‘Second Frutes’ by John Florio - 1591

Triumphs and Tarot in a work of the greatest humanist of the English Renaissance

9/27/2021 L'Almiro, Theatrical Scene by. J. Rossi - 1681

'Against his Swords I am a Tarocco' or 'I am worth nothing'

9/21/2021 Kings of nothing or of Tarocchi -17th century

Kings of little intellect and of no value

9/15/2021 Predictions and Tarot - 16th cantury

The Fool of the Tarot in two astrological treatises

9/10/2021 Expanded the essay

Tarot in texts of the 16th and 17th centuries

9/6/2021 The great dignity of the Fool of the Tarot

'In praise of Folly / Madness' by G. Francesco Ferretti - 1570

8/23/2021 Tarot in texts of the 16th and 17th centuries

Works by A. Ziliolo - E. Cimilotti - C. S. Curione - G. B. Maganza and others

8/22/2021 Seventh commandment: do not steal - 1496

The game of Triumphs in a work by Iacobus Philippus Bergomensis

3/12/2021 Educational Tarot in Sicily - 1737

The practice of educating young people through the use of the playing cards

3/3/2021 'Le Monde Primitif' by Antoine Court De Gébelin

Fons et origo of the esoteric doctrine of the Tarot

2/10/2021 A Trap for Carlo Emanuele I - 17th century

The war between Carlo Emanuele I and the Gonzagas described by a card game

1/25/2021 Soldiers and Card Game - 16th and 17th centuries

Military warnings about card playing in armies

1/20/2021 A Sleepwalker Playing Tarot - 18th century

As described in the "Discourse on a Wonderful Sleepwalker"

1/17/2021 The witty motto "On the Fool of the Tarot"

And other sonnets by Francesco Morelli - late 18th century

1/12/2021 Tarot Players on the Moon - 1746

The “Summer Entertainment” by Ciro Mario Canicola Lapolitano

1/9/2021 Gasparo Gozzi and Card Games - 18th century

A game between 'Interest' and 'Love' and other works in prose

1/4/2021 Tarot in the Works of G.G. Ricci – 17th Cent.

"The Marrying of the Muses", "Pleasures of Parnassus", "Poetry Married"

1/1/2021 The Vachero conspiracy and the Column of Infamy

Tarot in Alessandro Zilioli's 'Memorable Histories' - 1628