12/14/2018 Tarot "a new invention"

In the 'Piazza Universale' by Tomaso Garzoni of Bagnacavallo - 1585

12/6/2018 Allegorical notes to the Minchiate game

In the treatise by Francesco Saverio Brunetti - 1747

12/1/2018 Le Bravure del Capitano Spavento - 1607

Playing at Primiera with Time, Fortune and Death

11/22/2018 The Mystical Staicase in the "Sermo de Ludo"

An example of the concept 'Ludendo Intelligo' (While I play I learn)

11/11/2018 La Vergine Parigina - 1661

A literary work by Francesco Fulvio Frugoni

9/29/2018 L'Isola del Giuoco (The Isle of the game)

From "Opuscoli in verso e in prosa" by Filandro Cretense

9/12/2018 All the iconological essays updated and expanded

Translations revised by Michael S. Howard who also translated the additions

8/16/2018 17th century Miscellany

Marchelli - Ricci - Sarpi - Banchieri

8/14/2018 The Game of Tarot: a symbol of human life

By Francesco Fulvio Frugoni - 1669

7/10/2018 A propos de: 1582 Gossolin Jean

La signification de l'ancien jeu des chartes pythagorique(s)

3/3/2018 Ascanio Errante - 1640

The crazy reasoning of a dog with the surname Tarocco

1/6/2018 A tarot from Marocco in the form of a jester

As described in a work by Tommaso Buoni in 1605

1/6/2018 'L'Epulone' by Frugoni - 1645

Whoever does not have the Moon, the Sun and the World is a Tarocco

12/30/2017 The "Invention of the Cross" - 1633

Where both friends are discovered to be tarocchi

12/25/2017 Pleasant Dialogues - 1539

Nicolo Franco, adversary of Aretino and friend of himself

12/25/2017 A murder in Bologna in the eighteenth century

For debts in the game of Tarocchini

12/14/2017 A sonnet in Modenese dialect of the XVIth century

In olden times good children did not play tarot