12/14/2017 A sonnet in Modenese dialect of the XVIth century

In olden times good children did not play tarot

12/9/2017 Enlarged the essay "The Prince"

The creator of the Ludus Triumphorum

11/25/2017 Lorenzo Pignoria and the Tarot - 1614

An eternal need for knowledge

11/23/2017 On education of a prince's son

The three games to teach young dolphins: chess, sbaraglino and tarot

11/18/2017 Stephan Morgan

The new partner of Le Tarot Association

11/5/2017 The wisdom of the wise men - 1641

Tarot in "Il Lambertaccio" by Bartolomeo Bocchini

10/14/2017 On a blind priest who was playing tarot

And famous doctors who loved that game

10/14/2017 La Tarocchiera

A 'delight' where to play tarot

9/21/2017 Nihil in hoc mundo mutat - 1589

Nobles go crazy in triumph as in the tarot game

9/19/2017 Against the tarot

Invectives and abandonments

9/11/2017 Commedia Nuova - 1545

Cupid, traitor, hanging for a foot

8/30/2017 Crimes and Tarots - XVI century

Tarocchini in the Criminal Archive of Bologna

8/25/2017 Tarot means Fool

Literary documents from our essays

8/23/2017 Grotesque Tarot - 1587

Tarot in the "De' Grotteschi" by Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo

9/19/2016 The arithmological tarot

The arithmological sequence of the pentagonal number 22 = 1 + 4 + 7 + 10