4/2/2017 Dialogi Piacevoli - 1539

Nicolò Franco, Aretino enemy and friend of himself

2/2/2017 Triompho of the nobles women of Cesena

Together with a love poem with tarot. From Vatican Apostolic Library

9/19/2016 The arithmological tarot

The arithmological sequence of the pentagonal number 22 = 1 + 4 + 7 + 10

9/19/2016 Tarotica - 1584

The Quaternity of the Tarot between Mysticism and Game

8/17/2016 About a joke in fifteenth century

Which tells of card games, of three friends, and of one of these who belived be blind

8/17/2016 Saint Taraco

About Christian martyrs hanged upside down